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Direct Marketing- A covenant in Coventry!

What I know in life is most about marketing. Because I am a marketing professional for years after a marketing degree and my family own a business which needs great level of marketing. So marketing - in a more categorised way - direct marketing is there in my blood. 

My family lives in the 'city of Coventry' in England. Our business and my work surround this area as the city itself provided lots of potentials for any substantial beginner of trade. We ran a machinery tool business and it runs profitably well. We do have many competitors just as any other profitable businesses. As I learnt from my marketing experience, most business people approach direct marketing as one of the best marketing strategy. I have come across many direct marketing companies, but Oracle Advertising is one such which gives the industry another denomination. 

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Converted Vehicles for Sale!!!

Today Morning while I was browsing through news stories, my eyes went to an advertisement that was blinking at one side of the browser. It said "Converted Vehicles for Sale"!

I suddenly remembered a friend of mine-- Stanley, who had once asked if I know anyone who sells converted vehicles? I said "no" and blinked as if I was hearing it for the first time. Today as I saw this advertisement, I decided to click on it. The site details gave a me clue about what it means and I learnt that they also do vehicle conversions like Bus, Van, Coach, Utility Vehicle, Double Decker Bus Conversions and even repairs. Great website.. I liked it!

The next moment I picked up my mobile to message my friend with all the details. He rang me back to convey his happiness and thanked me. He is happy and so am I.


Joe South dies!

Yesterday morning, after a visit at the Coventry University Business School, I switched on my laptop for NEWS.

I started off with some business news on Barclays, David Cameron, JPMorgan Chase, Chris Niarchos etc. and switched on further to some Technology and Entertainment news.

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What's happening around us? Be ready with your reading glasses!

Hello folks, everything today is easy with the power of the Internet. Hope everyone agrees to it.

I work for an Advertising firm, in Coventry. Thanks to the power of technology, I start my day with online news on different topics - Business, Technology, Health and Science to name but a few.

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Ready for dining out, in Coventry?

On the work front - with Appco Group, this week people need to acquire more new customers, and promote brands for the clients. It feels good, when one sets a target and tries hard to achieve that.

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